• Blue Sky

Installation and Maintenance Line

Special resins to the union of pieces of onyx marble , terrazzo and granite. To fill porosity and cracks that occur naturally in the materials. Besides giving structure to such materials so they do not break easily when installing or transporting such porous materials.

Types of products used for Installation:
  • Transparent , solid and liquid patchers.
  • Wheels and special forms of felt.
  • Adhesives or transparent , solid and liquid patchers.
  • Base Mastics (fillers) travertine or white.
Our Lux maintenance line has a wide range of products to achieve optimum maintenance of surfaces, floors , including walls, furniture , which are installed with materials such as marble , granite, quarry, onyx, agglomerates and concrete. Aiming not to damage the surface , achieving a long length of the finishing and the material, they are easy to apply .

Types of products of the Lux line:
  • Liquid cleaners for cleaning floors, and walls.
  • Pasta and powder pre - treatment to remove shallow marks caused by trafficking.
  • Seals water based and solvent based .
  • Deep Cleansing neutral soap ( daily use ) .
  • Pasta three in one , polishes , cleans, and shines surfaces.
  • Bars for manual brightness application for marble or granite.
  • Waxes.
  • Abrasive fibers.
  • ailored brushes