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Commercialization Lines

We have a series of items that we represent to complement our catalogue of own manufactured products along with such power lines achieving this a great coverage of different types of needs of our customers in finishing and maintaining surfaces of marble, granite, quarry, terrazzo, agglomerates, concrete, etc. Always looking for customer satisfaction and besides that their needs are always satisfied.

Types of products used for the installation:
  • Abrasives type Frankfurt, beveling, made of resin or Magnesite , used for grinding and polishing . Brand Super Selva of Italian origin with an extensive experience in the market and recognized worldwide for its quality products.
  • Abrasive Brushes type Frankfurt, circular , chamfering and special forms that are used to achieve the brushed finishing, old-looking or also known as Anticato. Used in hand grinders, arm grinders, bridge and polishing machines and polishing band machines. The line is formed by the following particle size : 36, 46 , 60, 80 , 120, 180 , 240, 320 , 500 and 1000. Grupo Mavic brand.
  • Electric and pneumatic polishers of the FLEX brand.
  • Roughing cups.
  • Diamond grinding bands( pads ).
  • Discs with electroplated diamond and sinterized of diameters smaller than 200 mm in manual machine for straight, curved cuts and special finishings.
  • Diamond wire ( sinterized and electro deposited).
  • Diamond Drill Bits for processing holes for placement of faucets for installation of kitchen and bathroom marble , granite , terrazzo , concrete, etc.
  • Mills to trim common shapes, such as Chest pigeon, bull, half-bull, etc.
  • Accessories for threads. Joints, spacers, pressers, 12mm spring, 27mm spring and Cable.
  • Cutter tools of the Italian origin brand Vincent Tyrolit internationally recognized .
  • Along with the diamond tool line, you will find the specific products you are looking for quarry (reservoir or cava), industrializing Plant and specialty shop .
  • In addition we offer different types of diamond bands for private use, depending on the type of material you are working on. Discs with diamond segments of different sizes according to the equipment and the requirement of the cut or type of material.
  • Diamond discs in diameters from 100 mm to 1600 mm. Sheets or strips (Lamas) for weaving machines type (mill) plus we have the segments for these. Also we provide segments for positions 1,2 and 3 gauges dishes.